Support Technician – R&D / Manufacturing

(Toolmaker / Machinist)

Reports to:    Operations Group Coordinator
Job Duties

  • Create prototypes, test fixtures, assemble fixtures and hard gauges in R&D machine shop and maintain shop to 5S standards. 
  • Conduct first article inspections and prototype testing in R&D's inspection and testing facility.
  • Design and build all in-house test fixtures needed for load, cycle and other validation efforts as required for sustaining and new product development efforts. 
  • Support all lean manufacturing initiatives with all required tools, fixtures, gauges, setups, work stations, material handling and storage as required.
  • Support all other quality, lean and R&D support efforts as required to continuously improve Ultraflex.
  • Setup and maintain manufacturing equipment.
  • Handle all incoming inspection on current parts.
  • Assist with product and process validation testing.
  • Other duties in the interest of the Company as needed or assigned.

Position Attributes

  • Associate degree in an engineering discipline, BS candidate preferred.
  • Five years relevant experience as R&D technician or machinist will be considered in lieu of a formal education.


  • Able to read and interpret engineering prints and documentation.
  • Drafting experience helpful
  • Machining and Shop experience:
  • Working operational knowledge and expertise in machining is required.
  • Intermediate to expert proficiency in conventional lathe and mill is required [non-Computer Numerical Control (CNC)].
  • Ability to manufacture simple to intermediate shapes in steel, aluminum, bronze and plastic in prototype quantities.
  • Geometric Dimension and Tolerance (GD&T) and Quality Control:
      1. Intermediate to expert knowledge of inspection and quality control techniques and ability to implement those are required.
      2. Working application knowledge of hard gauges, micrometers and optical comparator is needed.
      3. Working understanding of engineering document flow and maintenance of technical documentation and “paper trails” is required as well as experience in routine use of Engineering Change Orders (ECO), drawing revisions, and change procedures. Full, complete working knowledge of GD&T techniques and practices, understanding of their application and ability to use them appropriately is required.
      4. CAD experience is a plus.
  • Creative, enthusiastic, friendly person with outstanding work ethic, who is ready to embrace the Company’s mission, culture, constant learning, and commitment to providing excellent products to our customers.
  • Able to communicate openly, honestly and positively during design reviews of both their own and others’ work.
  • Very analytical, organized and detail oriented.


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