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AFO Custom Molded

Indications: This design is for adult patients. The tone reducing footplate, static controls and submaximal assist allow for conservative management of spasticity to improve muscle length and balance and to correct postural deformity. This ankle-foot design minimizes pressure to ease related co-morbidities from poor skin integrity, neuropathies or vascular disease. The addition of an SMO keeps foot stable and securely in place. The SMO may also be removed for use in shoe during ambulation.

Fabrication: These orthoses are custom fabricated for a specific patient. A patient model of the ankle-foot is made from plaster or fiberglass. The model is modified for relief of bony prominences, application of varus, valgus and tone reduction modifications to the rear, mid and forefoot. Plastic and metal are then formed to the patient model using exacting orthometry measurements to complete the brace.

Ordering Information:

Components Only
Pediatric:< 25 kg (no donning lock desired)
T Stirrup:
Lateral Joint AFO PC1T (Left or Right)
Medial Joint AFO P ROM T

Lively SubTalar:
Lateral Joint AFO PC1
Medial Joint AFO P ROM

T Stirrup: For DorsiFlexion Assist
Lateral Joint AFO SS1T (Left and Right)
Power Unit AFO P#T depending on patient weight (P1>50 kg, P3>25 kg, P5 <25 kg)(Lateral side)

Lively SubTalar:
Lateral Joint AFO SS1 (Left and RIght)
Power Unit AFO P# depending on patient weight (P1>50 kg, P3>25 kg, P5 <25 kg)(Lateral side)

Ultraflex Custom Fabrication:
Above listed components and AFO CM (Measurement Form)

With special thanks to Keith Smith, CO from St Louis for his invaluable help in improving the proper casting, design and fabrication of SMO inserts for use inside Ultraflex AFOs.  Keith exemplifies the highest standards of professional patient care in our field.  

AFO with SMO insert

AFO "T" Stirrup

AFO Lively Stirrup
AFO Lively Stirrup

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